Q. Where can I buy the mix?
A. You can find our mixers at most grocery, liquor, Wal-Mart and Target stores. Trouble finding a flavor? Call the Consumer Relations hotline number found on the bottle and they can direct you to a store nearby.

Q. How long can I store the mix if unopened?
A. Follow the "best buy" date on the bottle.

Q. How long will the mix last once it is opened?
A. The mix will last 2-3 months in the refrigerator.

Q. Does the mix require refrigeration after opening?
A. Refrigeration is recommended for best flavor.

Q. Are there any allergens in the product?
A. For information, please follow the back label ingredient statement.

Q. Does the mix contain gluten?
A. No.

Q. Where can I find the nutritional information?
A. You can find nutritional information on the back label of the bottle or on the product website.

Q. What is the ideal recipe ratio mix?
A. For optimal flavor, it is best to follow the recipe on the bottle. This website also contains additional recipes in the RECIPES section.